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"M" Series
"Morocco." Mixed Media.

Sal created "Morocco," a 48x48" mixed media painting in January of 2021.


The painting was inspired by memories from a solo trip she took to the North African country: overhead aerials en route from Rome to Casablanca, nature's humbling strength while surfing the rocky coastline, the magic of feeling  transported back in time wandering the bustling streets of Marrakesh, stumbling across sacred geometry carved into the tombs and losing herself in a world of color, culture, and texture. 


"Morocco" consists of non-toxic resin poured over acrylic paints, pastels, found objects, oatmeal, incense, plants, ink, gold foil, and personal photographs.  Building layer upon layer,  letting small sections beneath show through, Sal imagined Moroccan sand and how effortlessly it buries everything in its path.


Once the resin was cured Sal photographed over 2,000 close-up images of the painting. Using the FUJI GX 100 camera, a 120mm macro lens, extension tubes and light panels, she curated the collection down to nine final images, the "M" series -- 


From the jewel-like color palette of the spices and market textiles to the sand and surf of Taghazout,  the photographs evoke different memories from Sal's time spent in Morocco .


Each "M" series image is a Fine Art giclée print sealed between aluminum composite DiBond and a 1/8" gloss acrylic front. A French cleat hangar and a personally signed and numbered Certificate of Authentication card is on the back.

Two sizes, 15x15" and 30x30" will be offered in a limited edition series of 25 (+ 2 AP) prints. 

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