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15 x 15in Edition 1/25 & 2 AP $425 USD

30 x 30in Edition 1/25 & 2 AP $875 USD 


Ever since I was a child I've always selected window seats on a plane. There's something about the topography and bird's eye view that I can't get enough of,  becoming a subconscious theme in my art over the years, echoing even into filmmaking. The window seat selection wasn't about to stop on my Morocco trip. But then, why the color green? That's because, after spending a week on the sandy coast of Agadir, I landed in Marrakesh, greeted by emerald green diaphonous curtains draped around the room in the Riad. It felt like an oasis compared to where I had been. 


Edition                M Series


Edition Size        25 + 2 AP


Dimensions       15 x 15in, 30 x 30in


Material              Fine Art print on aluminum composite panel & acrylic front.


Details                A hand signed Certificate of Authentication is included.

                            Gallery quality prints with up to 97% UV protection.


Shipping             Shipping & VAT (if applicable) to be determined at checkout.


                            Please expect delays due to Covid.


                            Shipping destination not listed? Please contact us for rates.

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